Monday, September 19, 2011

Bottom of the barrel

So these are pretty much all the remaining photos from my trips and random experimentation over the summer. I didn't post them before because I'm still kind of iffy about most of them but I thought I'd post them for the hell of it. Enjoy! :)

Lauren please don't be mad at me for posting this but I really like this picture! Still can't figure out how to rotate it though.  Taken in The Plaza lobby in NYC.
I LOVED these ladies, they were incredibly sweet and insisted on giving me a kiss after I asked to take their picture. They looked like they were just coming out of church but unfortunately the picture didn't quite turn out due to unfortunate light levels.
Taken in our amazing hotel in Venice. You can see a canal through the glass door, I made sure to get a picture of that!
My brother wouldn't let Missy go down the slide by herself. Impressed by my paparazzi skills?

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